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A custom email address immediately signals professionalism and reinforces your brand every time you send an email. 

We have more than 20 years of experience providing email service to companies and non-profit organizations. 

Already using third part email and looking to migrate?

custom cloud based email service for businesses

We have partnered with Microsoft to bring the power of Microsoft 365 to your Business in Toronto

Email Service with Your Company's Domain name and the Features You need to be successful

50 GB Email Storage

Large cloud storage for your business email boxes so you or your employees never have to delete any email or worry email about bounce backs due to capacity limits.

Encrypted and Secure

Your emails are encrypted at rest and in transit so you can rest assured all your sensitive business data and communication remains fully secure. enjoy multiple layers of encryption in place at the same time.

Anti-Spam & Anti Virus

Seamlessly integrated and professional anti spam service reduces the risk of incoming emails that may contain spam, malware or suspicious links or Phishing attacks.

Auto Response & Catchall

Easy set up for auto responses or out of office messages. Also never miss any important business email even if sent to non existing email addresses with Catchall.

Fully Managed and Ready to Go

We manage the A to Z of your company's email services so you can focus on your running your business. We keep your email business email in sync with your business employee roster.

Simplified & Transparent Billing

Do you use productivity applications like Word, Excel,.. ? Simplify your billing and licensing cost with a single payment which covers email and other office suite applications.

No Term Contracts

There is no contract or long-term commitments with Microsoft 365 services. You only pay for the service you use every month and can cancel your email services at any time.

Scale up and Down Seamlessly

Are you going through a business transformation? Easily scale up and down and only pay for what you use. Your employees can log in and use their email from your office or anywhere in the world.

Help Desk Support

You need support? all our Managed Service customers have access to our award winning help desk support. Learn more about our Managed IT Service here.

Already using on prem Exchange Email Service?

We have a seamless migration Process to move your corporate email to the Microsoft Cloud without any downtime.

Seamless Exchange to Microsoft 365 Migration

Seamless Email Migration

Almost no downtime to your business email service. The actual migration duration depends on your size and the number of email boxes. 

Email Data transfer to Microsoft 365

Full Email Data Transfer

  1Complete transfer of existing employee emails, including folders, calendars, and attachments to Microsoft 365.

On prem email server shutdown

On Prem Server Decommissioning

We take care of securely disposing and decommissioning your old email server.

Post Email Migration help desk support

Post Migration Email Support

We continue to monitor and support your organization until the steady state.

Echoflare's Email Migration process to Microsoft 365

Exchnage to Microsft 365 Migration Process

Ready to Migrate to the Cloud Email Services?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Not at all. Microsoft 365 email Services is completely Cloud based and could be delivered to any compony in almost any country. However, if you’re in Toronto, Richmond Hill, Vaughan, Newmarket, Mississauga, Aurora or surrounding areas, we are able to come onsite when required.

The duration of the migration process varies based on the amount of data being transferred and the complexity of your current setup. For smaller organizations, it might take a few hours, while larger enterprises might require several days.

Yes, Microsoft 365 uses secure protocols for data transfer, ensuring that your data remains confidential and intact during the migration process.

No, the migration process will transfer all your emails along with their attachments. However, it’s always a good practice to check critical emails post-migration to ensure attachments are intact.

All your old emails, contacts, calendars, and other data will be transferred to Microsoft 365. Once the migration is complete and verified, you can decide whether to retain or delete data from the old system.

Microsoft 365 supports migration from various email systems, including Exchange Server, Gmail, Yahoo Mail, and others. However, the migration process might differ based on the source system.

Yes, our Microsoft 365 migration process aim to retain folder structures, settings, and other configurations to ensure a seamless transition for users. Note that While  your email data will be migrated, certain custom or more advanced settings, rules, and configurations might need to be manually reconfigured post-migration.

Yes, after migration to Microsoft 365, we will  update or reconfigure your email clients, such as Outlook, to connect to the Microsoft 365 server.

Remember, while these FAQs provide a general overview, specific details and processes might vary based on individual organizational needs and the chosen migration method.

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