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Cyber Security Assessments

Cyberflare will conduct a comprehensive review of your existing infrastructure, supporting technology and processes to assess risk. Upon completion of our assessment, we provide a detailed report of your organizations cyber security posture and recommended remediation initiatives.

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Continuous Cyber Monitoring

Cyberflare's suite of cutting edge tools continuously monitor and safeguard's workstation computers, networking devices, IoT devices and application, native or cloud. Our security team is able to actively analyze and assess network and system events to identify abnormal activities that are characteristic of an active attack.

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Penetration and Vulnerability Testing

Cyberflare's penetration and vulnerability testing can expose threats residing in your systems and infrastructure that are waiting to damage your business. Cyberflare will simulate attacks on your systems and networks to identify vulnerabilities and weaknesses that are waiting to be exploited by hackers.

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Cyber Education and Training

Cyber awareness is not enough. Cybersecurity training is of paramount importance for all employees and not just management. As the world becomes increasingly connected, the risks associated with cyber threats have grown exponentially. Cyberattacks can cause severe damage to your businesses, resulting in loss of valuable data, financial loss, and even reputational damage.

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Social Engineering Testing

Cyberflare's Social Engineering Testing Program aims to assess the security posture of an organization by testing its susceptibility to social engineering attacks. Social engineering refers to the use of psychological manipulation and deception to convince individuals to divulge sensitive information or perform actions that compromise the security of an organization.

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Security Operations Center Services

Cyberflare's SOC services provides a centralized and dedicated team of experts to monitor, analyze, and respond to security incidents in real time. Cyberflare's SOC offering is designed to provide a comprehensive and coordinated approach to enterprise security, using a combination of people, processes, and technology.

Managed Security Solutions in Toronto

We have partnered with the industry leaders to bring your business the best-in-class Cyber Security Solutions available and forthcoming

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