Fully Managed Cyber Security Service Packages For Toronto Businesses

Fully Managed Service & Turn Key Cyber Security Solution

Focus on running your business and leave the cyber security of your business to the experts. Whether your business is in Toronto or elsewhere, we fully cover you.

Small Business Budget Friendly​ & Flat Monthly Rates

Budgeting is a delicate topic for small businesses. We have tailored our solution for the best value covering all the core and vital parts of your business without breaking the bank.

Reliable, Scalable and Compliant to Cyber Security framework

Need to be compliant with HIPPA, PCI DSS, or any other cyber security framework? Our solutions can cover you and ensure your business passes the industry audits.

Managed Cyber Security Packages that Protects Your Business

Jump Start

Cover all the Cyber Security essentials so that you and your employee can work and use the web safely

Onboarding & Yearly Tasks

Bundled Ongoing Services

* Threat Response is charged on an hourly rate

Business Plus *

For growing organizations with multiple office locations and more demanding Cyber Security needs 

Onboarding & Yearly Tasks

Bundled Ongoing Services

*Special Rates for Businesses in Toronto

Cyber Fortress

Great if you handle sensitive data and need to maintain compliance and provide trails of security audits

Onboarding & Yearly Tasks

Bundled Ongoing Services

Features of the Premium Managed Cyber Security Solutions!

Security audit and cyber security assessment

Security Audits & Assessments

The security posture of your organization, including information security measures, will be evaluated and vulnerabilities and weaknesses identified before they are exploited by attackers and cyber criminals. A comprehensive review of infrastructure, policies and processes is undertaken. Thorough testing of security controls and production systems is conducted and documented with corresponding recommendations to reduce or eliminate risks. Identifying potential security risks and vulnerabilities is a critical component to any security program that values a proactive approach over a re-active approach.

Windows Hardening for better cyber security

Windows Hardening​

Windows hardening is often overlooked in cyber security and information security strategies. 74% of the desktop operating systems worldwide are Windows based and 72% of servers worldwide are Windows based as well. With such a concentration of Windows operating systems globally, this makes Windows a target for attackers and cyber criminals. Protecting and hardening your Windows operating systems is essential and included in any effective cyber security defense strategy.

VPN Setup and Secure Remote Work min.jpeg

Secure Remote Work and VPN Setup

In the new age of Remote Work and Work From Home (WFH), secure communication, collaboration and access has never been more important. Using the latest VPN technology, we can implement a VPN solution on-premises or on your cloud-based service depending on your company's requirements. We ensure the VPN solution is monitored, secure and always kept up-to-date by leveraging multi-factor authentication and our advanced remote monitoring and management systems.

Security Monitoring and threat response

Managed Cyber Security Monitoring & Threat Response

We continuously monitor your organization’s computer systems, digital assets and network for security threats and vulnerabilities that are leaving you exposed. With our advanced real-time monitoring and remote management cyber risks are addressed consistently and without delay. Unauthorized access attempts, internal threats, unusual system activity and data breaches are quickly logged and expedited to our experts for fast remediation and response.

Managed Antivirus .png

Centralized Endpoint Antivirus ​

A managed antivirus solution can be centrally managed, which means all your office computers are monitored and managed from a central control center. This can simplify deployment, improve management and control, enhance security and reduce resource usage. All while saving you money. This equips your business with consistent and comprehensive protection against constantly evolving cyber threats such as viruses, malware, spyware, and ransomware.

Managed Backup and Disaster Recovery

Managed Backup and Disaster Recovery

Minimize the risk of downtime, data loss, and other costly incidents by delegating the responsibility of backup and disaster recovery to our dedicated team of experts. We leverage strategic partnerships to deliver an robust and resilient backup solution to protect your digital data and privacy. Business continuity should never be an after thought as it can leave your business in ruins and unable to recover. Cyberflare’s Managed Backup and Disaster solutions is about more than just data, it’s about peace of mind.

Helpdesk access

Automated Helpdesk Access​

Cyberflare’s automated helpdesk streamline’s your IT support requests and quickly allocates the proper resources seamlessly giving you fast response times with positive results. Our automated helpdesk increases efficiency, improves user experience, is available 24/7 and reduces risks associated with missed service requests. All while saving you money.

silky cyber password security

Secure & Centralized Password Management​

The security risks associated with leaving your passwords unencrypted and in clear text is never acceptable and can cause catastrophic harm if exploited by cyber criminals, hackers or even internal staff. Keeping a verified and consistent backup is also essential and often overlooked. Secure & Centralized Password Management can backup, protect and prevent password exposure while making their management organized and seamless.

server secuirty min.png

Managed Server Security and Patching

Minimize the risk of downtime, data loss, and other costly incidents by delegating the responsibility of server maintenance, security updates, and patch management to our dedicated team of experts. We seamlessly manage your on-premise or cloud-based servers and proactively stop issues before they develop and cause damage to your business systems.

Managed Network min.png

Managed Firewall and Network Security

Managed firewall services equip your business with a robust perimeter defense by creating a virtual barrier around your business's network to prevent unauthorized access. Managed Firewall and Network Security may also be required if your business needs to comply with regulatory requirements, such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

IT Asset Management min.png

IT Asset Management & Maintenance

IT Asset Management (ITAM) takes care of the process of managing your organization's IT assets throughout its lifecycle, from acquisition to secure disposal. This includes hardware, software, and other technological components used by your business. IT Asset Management provides several benefits for organizations, including Cost savings, Enhanced security, Increased productivity, Improved asset utilization and improved decision-making.

We offer optional DoD 5220.22-M standard before disposal of any data storage device.

Managed Cloud Backup min scaled.jpeg

Multi Layer Backup & Disaster Recovery

Our tailor-made Backup & Disaster Recovery ​planning ensures that your businesses' critical data and applications are protected against accidental deletion, hardware failure, natural disasters, and cyber attacks. With our backup and disaster recovery services, your business can quickly recover from any unexpected incidents and minimize the impact on your operations.

Security operating center SOC

Security Operation Center (SOC) Services

Cyberflare’s SOC services is a centralized and dedicated team of experts that monitor, detect and respond to cyber security threats and incidence that may arise. By leveraging the latest in Security information and event management (SIEM) technology, our SOC team can quickly respond and remediate issues before they take hold and cause meaningful damage. Cyberflare’s SOC services is the next level in cyber security detection and response.

Security monitoring

AI Powered Heuristic Monitoring & Analysis

As cyber threats and cyber criminals evolve so must the technology and tools that counteract them. Cyberflare has partnered with the leaders in AI Powered Heuristic Monitoring & Analysis to deliver the next generation in cyber warfare monitoring and detection. The creativity of hackers and cyber criminals alike have prompted new approaches to cyber defense that integrate heuristic behavioral analysis and AI to better identify breaches and unauthorized activity.

Pen testingpng min.png

Quarterly Penetration Testing

Identify vulnerabilities in your organization's IT infrastructure before they can be exploited by attackers. Pen testing assessment involves simulating an attack on your organization's IT infrastructure to identify vulnerabilities and weaknesses. Pen testing services help your organization to identify security gaps, assess their risk exposure, and prioritize security investments to improve the overall security posture.

Real time scanning

Real-Time Internal Vulnerability Scanning

With real-time internal vulnerability scanning your business can rest assured that critical assets and sensitive data are secure and never exposed. Each time a systems or asset is reconfigured there is a risk of new vulnerabilities being introduced. This is where real-time internal vulnerability testing can bring value and peace of mind to any organization.

Social Engineering for better cyber security

Social Engineering Testing​ & Training

88% of data breaches are caused by employee mistakes due to lack of cyber security awareness and training. As phishing attacks become prevalent and the preferred choice among cyber criminals, social engineering testing and cyber security awareness is a no brainer. Educating staff on good cyber security and information security etiquette is an investment in the security of your business. By continually performing social engineering testing you can gain insight into where more training may be needed and by whom. Take the guess work out of cyber training and leave it to the experts.

Microsoft audit assistance

Microsoft Audit Engagement ​

Being audited by Microsoft? Our experienced team of professionals have extensive experience with Microsoft audits and remediation of licensing. We have worked with countless organizations to mediate and resolve licensing disputes with Microsoft.

Join Us

Private Cyber Security Training for your Employees in Toronto

Does your staff need cyber security training in the greater Toronto area? We have you covered. Reach out to us about the one-day cyber security workshops or fun and interactive cyber security lunch and learns. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Windows hardening is crucial as it helps in protecting the widely used Windows operating systems from attackers and cyber criminals. It's an essential part of Echoflare's cyber security defense strategy.

Echoflare offers fully managed and turnkey cyber security solutions for small and mid-size businesses in Toronto and across Canada. Our services are designed to allow businesses to focus on their operations while leaving the cyber security to the experts.

Echoflare offers three cyber security plans: Jump Start, Business Plus, and Cyber Fortress. Each plan is tailored to meet different business needs, ranging from covering essential cyber security measures to providing advanced security solutions for growing organizations and those handling sensitive data.

The Cyber Fortress plan includes all features of the Business Plus plan, along with Security Operation Center (SOC) services, AI-powered heuristic monitoring & analysis, quarterly penetration testing, real-time internal vulnerability scanning, social engineering testing & training, and Microsoft audit engagement.

Echoflare’s Managed Backup and Disaster Recovery service minimizes the risk of downtime, data loss, and other costly incidents by providing robust and resilient backup solutions. This service ensures business continuity and protects digital data and privacy, providing peace of mind to businesses.

A proactive approach towards cyber security with Echoflare's services helps in identifying and addressing potential security risks and vulnerabilities before they can be exploited by attackers. Through thorough security audits, assessments, and continuous monitoring, Echoflare ensures that businesses are always a step ahead in maintaining a robust security posture.

Real-Time Internal Vulnerability Scanning is a proactive measure that allows for continuous monitoring of the organization's IT infrastructure to identify and address vulnerabilities as they arise, especially when system configurations change. This real-time scanning ensures that critical assets and sensitive data remain secure and never exposed.

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